2-6:30 p.m. - Room 215, Kamm Hall
BW business professor Dr. Param Srikantia presents "Why Life Sucks: Enjoying the Lightness of Being."

"Why Life Sucks" Seminar

November 12, 2017

2-6:30 p.m.Photo of Param Srikantia

Room 215, Kamm Hall

Free and open to the public. RSVP to whylifesucks3@gmail.com.

Why Life Sucks: Enjoying the Lightness of Being

The Baldwin Wallace University MBA Association presents a seminar with BW business professor Dr. Param Srikantia.

We have all known moments when we experience the full potential for enjoyment and richness in our lives. Yet, in our everyday lives, we seem to be making very little of this profound potential.

As the years roll by, the reality of our day-to-day life becomes far removed from the possibilities for joyous fulfillment that we once glimpsed. For example, have you noticed how exhausted and drained out many of us are at the end of the day? Isn't it strange that no matter how much money we make, we are in a condition of perennial scarcity? Isn't it ironic that with increasing levels of material affluence, we are left with progressively less leisure or peace of mind to enjoy our life?

This is a seminar that speaks to the heart of these contradictions and enables you to transform your inner reality with the help of techniques and perspectives rarely known to modern industrial civilizations.

You will experience a unique four and a half hour global voyage which will distill for you, and for your friends and family, breakthrough insights buried in distant places. We will explore the secrets of happiness practiced for centuries by cultures and civilizations around the world.

The techniques will help you live each moment with wakefulness and a sense of vitality, experiencing a profound appreciation of life rather than the chronic, restless discontent that usually envelops us.

About the Speaker

Param Srikantia is a former television host in India who is well acquainted with the art of energizing a live audience. His seminars, based on non-traditional ways of unleashing human potential, embody an unusual form of education not currently available in most U.S. universities or corporations. They invoke very diverse methods and perspectives discovered across the world for tapping into the deepest reservoirs of human potential.

After the success of "Why Life Sucks," Srikantia introduced a series of new seminars that explore ways to address everyday challenges and unleash hidden potential. He is able to tailor his seminars to the specific needs of different client groups and constituencies based on the unique challenges they may be facing in different contexts.

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