Contact the BW COVID-19 Response Team at the 24/7 helpline at (440) 826-7787 or send an email to

Updated March 11, 2022. Information accurate for spring 2022 semester.

We stand together at the boundaries between individual responsibility and institutional responsibility as we continue to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic. Until further notice, the following will be our Conservatory and Community Arts School COVID protocols based upon guidance from the MIT software, CDC, Cuyahoga Board of Health, and campus authorities. We will continue to monitor transmission and adjust policies accordingly.

Booster Shots

Everyone in the Conservatory is eligible and encouraged to get a booster shot if they have been previously fully vaccinated. BW will continue to offer Walk-in Vaccine and Booster shots at the Health Center (440) 826-2178.


COVID-19 home self tests are available at the BW Health Center, Strosacker Welcome Desk, and the Rec Center Welcome Desk.


While masking is still encouraged, public spaces in the Conservatory (libraries, hallways, lobbies, etc.) will now be mask optional. Private lessons, rehearsals with accompanists, solo performances, and individual practice will also be mask optional. All large ensembles and classes with group aerosol producing performance (singing and wind playing) will remain masked, preferably with N95, KF94 or KN95 masks. All Bands, Choirs, Orchestras will remain masked. Solfege and Eurhythmics, Music Education methods, and Class Voice courses will remain masked. KN95 masks are available at the BW Health Center, Strosacker Welcome Desk, and the Rec Center Welcome Desk. If in doubt, you are always welcome to voluntarily wear a mask.

Remote Instruction of Masking for Symptomatic Individuals

Individuals who come into close contact with COVID positive individuals must comply with health recommendations for quarantining and/or isolation. Any symptomatic individuals in the Conservatory must mask and/or work remotely — including classes, lessons, rehearsals, and performances. Communicate clearly and promptly if you are unable to participate in-person. Public performances rely on a shared safety commitment from all involved. If one person in a performance attends a rehearsal or class while symptomatic, it puts the entire class, ensemble, or cast at risk.

Wind Player Rehearsals

Staff accompanists and brass faculty have the right to request a classroom or larger space when having lessons or rehearsals with wind players.

Ventilation Times

No ventilation times are being required at this time. If questions about a particular activity in a particular space, please contact Associate Dean Young or Destinee Siebe (

Classrooms and Studios

1-2 inch openings in outdoor windows or doors can significantly reduce infection within a classroom space — particularly in the Kulas building. However, please close windows in BMAC teaching studios when alone in the room and open them only when more than one person is in the room. Cleaning and changing filters in HEPA air cleaners around the Conservatory is continuing. If you see a red light on your HEPA purifier, please contact Joe. Timers for all ionization units are being re-set. Hand sanitizing stations are being refilled.

Practicing in Residence Halls

Music practicing should be prioritized in Conservatory designated spaces whenever possible. However, when access to Conservatory practice facilities is not possible, students who live alone in a BW residence hall can softly practice or record assignments in their rooms provided they open the windows and do not disturb neighbors more than two doors away (in keeping with residence hall quiet hours policy). Students in Davidson Commons, Ernsthausen, and Carmel are not allowed to open windows due to the HVAC system in those spaces.

Food and Beverages

While food and beverages can now be consumed in public spaces, you are encouraged to dine outside or while alone in a private room in the Conservatory with the door closed when possible.

What to do if you become ill

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in direct contact with another individual who has COVID-19, please contact the BW Health Center (440) 826-2178 for direction. Notify your instructor, work supervisor or department chair that you are ill.

Outside Visitors and Audiences

All visitors must follow Conservatory protocols. While audiences at public performances are mask optional, all visitors are strongly encouraged to be masked, vaccinated, and boosted.


For anyone who needs help in dealing with stress or anxiety, the BW counseling and health center can help. All students have access to free, 24-hour telecare for counseling and health services through the TimelyCare app.


Questions about these protocols can be directed to Dean Susan Van Vorst at 440-826-2362 or Associate Dean Charles Young at 440-826-2373.

Closing Thoughts

Individual responsibility is the single most important aspect of these protocols. Protocols will not minimize our risk, only our actions will.

Open PDF to print Conservatory protocols.