Spring 2022: BW Be Safe

Contact the BW COVID-19 Response Team at the 24/7 helpline at (440) 826-7787 or send an email to bwbesafe@bw.edu.

Updated January 21, 2022

COVID Health Protocol Update

The following protocols are in effect as of January 3, 2022:

  1. Updated testing requirement for all residential students: All residential students, regardless of vaccination status, must either provide a negative test result within 48 hours prior to arrival on campus OR complete a COVID-19 test upon arrival on campus. Any student testing positive will be expected to isolate at home.
  2. Masks: Masks will be worn inside all buildings on campus with the exception of residence rooms for those that live in the room, and employees when they are alone in their office. The use of cloth masks is discouraged, KN95 masks are encouraged whenever possible. No gators will be permitted on campus.
  3. Co-curricular activities: For the month of January, all co-curricular events and gatherings will have restricted capacity based on the size of the event space or facility.
  4. Home athletic events: For the month of January, the following policies and guidelines will be enforced:
    • Outside spectators must fall into one of the categories listed below to be permitted entry to a BW home athletic event. Each spectator must provide their name at the ticket booth before being permitted into any athletic event.
      • BW student-athletes will be limited to four tickets per participant by a pass list.
      • Visiting teams will be limited 50 tickets per team provided by a pass list.
      • A limited number of BW students, faculty and staff will be permitted on a first come, first served basis.
    • Masks are required for all spectators. Extra masks will be available at door.
    • Encourage social distancing
    • The BW Natatorium, Lou Higgins Recreation Center Fieldhouse and Ursprung Gymnasium will be cleared immediately following each contest.
      • Parents, family and friends will be asked to exit the facilities as soon as the game is completed.
      • No one will be permitted to wait to see their student-athlete.

Covid-19 Dashboard

BW's total campus population is 4,298 (898 full and part-time faculty and staff, 3,400 full, part-time and evening undergraduate and graduate students).

Cases in Isolation

Students, faculty and staff who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate for five (5) days and if they are asymptomatic or their symptoms are resolving (without fever for 24 hours) may follow isolation with 5 days of strict wearing of a mask when around others to minimize the risk of infecting people they encounter. BW is asking residential students who can return home for the isolation period to do so. Students who are unable to isolate at home will be provided isolation accommodations. Individuals in isolation will complete a health review on the fifth day which may include COVID-19 test.

COVID infographic

Individuals in Quarantine

Quarantine protocol is required when contact tracing efforts indicate an unvaccinated individual has been in known close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19. Quarantining persons are asked to monitor their symptoms regularly and complete COVID-19 tests periodically. Total Positive Active Cases does not include students in quarantine; once individuals are confirmed positive, they are in isolation instead of quarantine.

As of Friday, January 21, the following are in quarantine: 2 students on campus, 8 students off campus, and 0 employees off campus. This information is updated weekly on Fridays.

Additional COVID-19 Preparedness Information

Baldwin Wallace continues to be informed by the latest science, public health guidance and knowledge from our campus community. BW offers a college experience designed to keep everyone as safe as possible and ensure that students have access to a quality education that will help move them toward the achievement of their professional and personal goals.

Spring Classes

Most classes will be taught in person, while some courses are offered fully online. All classes previously specified as partially remote will now be fully in person. All fully remote classes will remain fully remote.

Classrooms will continue to be cleaned regularly, and high-contact surfaces will be sanitized frequently. Additionally, enhanced air filtration and air-quality monitoring systems have been installed in learning and performance spaces across campus.

Health protocols

  • If at any point during the semester you feel ill, do not attend class. Please pick up a free COVID-19 test at the BW Health Center and report the results to BW.
  • Physical distancing on campus is not currently required.
  • Athletes will be subject to additional health protocols as outlined by the NCAA and OAC.
  • Students participating in off-campus clinicals, off-campus experiential education, service trips or competitions will be required to follow the host site's health protocols.

Additions or changes to protocols will be announced by university administration as needed.

Get Vaccinated

Remember, the best way to have the ultimate BW experience is to get vaccinated against COVID-19. We strongly recommend all members of our university community get vaccinated and receive their booster shots. The COVID-19 vaccine is the single most effective way to protect our community as we return to full in-person experiences.

All university students, faculty and staff are eligible to receive a vaccine at the BW Health Center or at retailers within walking distance from campus. Call the BW Health Center at (440) 826-2178 to schedule a vaccination appointment. See additional information on vaccines. Remember, you are not fully vaccinated until two weeks after your final dose of the vaccine.

Booster vaccinations for COVID-19 are also available at the Health Center for eligible BW students, faculty and staff. See details.

Share Your Vaccination Record

In accordance with community health standards, we have opened a portal that allows you to register the status of your various vaccinations, including COVID-19. We strongly encourage you to register your vaccination status.

High Vaccine Adoption Rate on Campus

As COVID protocols change, it is good to see a high adoption of the vaccine in the BW community, as illustrated in results from a voluntary survey conducted in spring 2021. 75% of faculty and staff responded to the survey, and more than 90% indicated they either are or would be fully vaccinated by August 1. Additionally, 60% of students responded, and 83% of returning students indicated they would be fully vaccinated by August 1.

Yellow Jackets Care for Each Other

For anyone who needs help dealing with stress or anxiety, BW counseling and health care resources are available. All students have access to free, 24-hour telecare for counseling and health services through the JacketCare app. Register for JacketCare.

BW Supports the Health of Campus Community Members

BW is ready to assist any student, faculty or staff member in the event they become ill or show symptoms of COVID-19. BinaxNOW rapid COVID-19 tests are available at many locations across campus and to all members of the BW community. Members of the BW community can self-administer these tests and get immediate results. Or, if preferred, nurses at BW's Health Center can administer rapid antigen or PCR COVID-19 tests.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, BW Health Services and Residence Life staff stand ready to provide the health care direction needed based on an individual student's needs. Contact tracing, isolation accommodations, health check-ins for students who are unable to return home during recovery and remote instruction protocols are all in place to support the health of the student and community when needed.

In addition, BW is prepared to implement campus wide protocols to remediate outbreaks when needed. The protocols we've implemented in the past year remain available to us as ways to contain and reduce the spread of the virus.

BW COVID-19 24/7 Helpline: (440) 826-7787

The BW COVID-19 Response Team has a helpline — (440) 826-7787 — for students who need to report a positive COVID-19 test result or are isolated or quarantined to easily connect with available campus services (residence life, dining services, academic office, counseling center, health center) while they are sheltered.