Contact the BW COVID-19 Response Team at the 24/7 helpline at (440) 826-7787 or send an email to

Updated August 19, 2021

Process for Establishing Conservatory COVID Protocols

Conservatory COVID-19 protocols during fall 2021 are established in consultation with Federal, State, County and campus guidance, available science, professional performing arts standards, input from faculty/staff, and MIT modeling software. We remain hopeful that COVID restrictions can be lifted at the appropriate time, as vaccination rates increase.

All members of the BW Conservatory community are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated. All BW students, faculty and staff are eligible to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine by contacting the BW Health Center at (440) 826-2178.

The Conservatory of Music is committed to providing a safe and outstanding education to every student in the Conservatory, regardless of vaccination status.

Indoor Masking Required in Public Areas

All individuals in indoor public areas, classrooms and studios in the Conservatory are expected to be effectively masked. Individuals who are alone in an office or practice room can be unmasked. However, individuals must always be masked when others are present.

Rehearsing and Performing Unmasked

Similar to NCAA guidance for student athletes, the BW Conservatory has established an 85% vaccination rate threshold for ensembles, performances classes, opera and music theatre productions, and private applied instruction in order for fully vaccinated individuals to rehearse and perform unmasked. To formally register vaccination status, individuals may show their vaccine card to a member of the BW Health Center staff or through the secure Med+Proctor website.

Since there is no campus vaccination requirement, all individuals who have not freely and voluntarily registered their full vaccination status will be considered unvaccinated when indoors. Weekly surveillance COVID-19 tests are REQUIRED for unvaccinated members of the Conservatory community.

Symptomatic Individuals

The extremely contagious Delta variant means that symptomatic individuals pose a greater risk to our community than ever before. We strongly advise that individuals with the "whisper" of a symptom get tested, stay home, and study remotely for the duration of their symptoms — even if it means missing a performance. Positive test results will initiate BW's campus COVID protocol, which offers students the support of the health center, residence life (if applicable), dining services (if applicable) and check-ins from contact tracing.

Hygiene and Air Cleaning

Because we all share keyboards, practice rooms, chairs, and desks, we are each expected to wipe down our keyboards, chairs, desks and door handles before and after each use. Wipes are provided in each classroom, teaching studio, and practice room for this purpose. Hand sanitizing stations are abundant within the Conservatory and should be used frequently.

The Conservatory will continue using HEPA air cleaners, bipolar ionization cleaning (through both the HVAC system and portable units), and elevated HVAC air exchange and filtration rates.

Practice Rooms

Practice rooms have been upgraded through bipolar ionization air cleaning (through the HVAC system), elevated air exchange rates, and the installation of ethernet network plugs (for more stable network connections). BMAC practice rooms are now among the safest places in the Conservatory and should be used instead of the residence halls whenever possible. Practice rooms are available during open building hours on a first-come first-served basis without any previous scheduling. Individuals who are alone in an office or practice room can be unmasked, but individuals must be masked when others are present.


In accordance with CDC and Cuyahoga County Board of Health recommendations, audiences will be masked at all indoor Conservatory performances, regardless of vaccination status.

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