Corrie Anne Riberdy

Corrie Anne RiberdyConservatory of Music Admission Coordinator

M.M., Mannes College of Music
B.M., Baldwin Wallace University

Contact:, (440) 826-2367

Where might you see me? With prospective music students in high schools everywhere! 

My hometown: Nashville, Tenn.

What makes BW distinctive for me? In the Conservatory of Music, students are not only trained to be experts in their music and performance areas but also how to be advocates for their profession and develop the entrepreneurial skills to create their own path upon graduation.

What do I love most about Berea and Cleveland? We enjoy the benefit of being 20 minutes from a major metropolitan area that features Severance Hall and The Cleveland Orchestra, Playhouse Square, sporting events and museums. However, we are located in Berea, a comfortable small town with parks, restaurants and community events. The airport is five minutes away, which makes travel very convenient!

Where would I still like to visit that I haven’t already? As a certified Suzuki violin instructor, I would love to travel to Japan to see where the teaching philosophy began.

What am I currently reading in my spare time? I usually read about a book a week. It can be anything from a book on teaching violin, to a teen romance to a classic. Right now, I’m re-reading “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams.

If I could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why? Johann Sebastian Bach – I would be fascinated to see what his life was really like and how he was able to compose so much amazing music. 

My message to prospective students thinking about the value of college and BW: Where you go to college matters. If Baldwin Wallace University is home for you, you will receive the knowledge, ability and experience to take your life’s next steps. Graduating with a degree in music will prepare you for performing in New York City, pursuing graduate study or being an amazing music teacher.