Case Studies from Northeast Ohio

Case studies are followed by teaching notes for each case.

In order to place the Northeast Ohio sustainability case studies into a larger context, this chapter provides a brief summary of the social and environmental history of the region.

City Fresh
City Fresh was created to address issues of connecting local farmers with urban residents in need of fresh, affordable produce.
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Corporate Sustainability Network
At some risk, a corporate attorney and an environmental advocate set out to build a network for corporate leaders to foster sustainable economic development in Northeast Ohio.
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Countryside Conservancy
The Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy envisions a “Northeast Ohio filled with thriving farming and food entrepreneurs: where farms are viable businesses...
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Fairmount Minerals
By actively engaging all their stakeholders, Fairmount experienced greater success in cultural change to become a sustainability leader in the national sand industry. Faimount's priority of People, Planet...
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Great Lakes Brewing Company
This case illustrates important insights into the effective adoption of sustainability into the development and growth of a new company. The leadership of the firm understands sustainability, defined as the “triple...
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GreenCityBlueLake Institute
Under the visionary Leadership of David Beach, a small non-profit organization is making big contributions to smart growth in the Northeast Ohio bioregion.  Beyond educating the public on ecological...
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Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo)
LEEDCO is a remarkable example of how to construct an effective public-private partnership. LEEDCo’s mission is to help renewable energy take off in Lake Erie as the first freshwater offshore wind turbine project in...
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Lube Stop, Inc.
This case illustrates important insights into the effective adoption of sustainability into the culture and practices of a small privately-held business in an industry not known traditionally for its commitments to ecological…
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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Given the growing global water crisis, the NEORSD is positioned to play a very important role for the foreseeable future since wastewater, stormwater, and the health of local watersheds are at the core of....
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Sustainable Cleveland 2019
As a mayoral initiative, and showing a kind of leadership in sustainability that few other cities can claim, Sustainable Cleveland 2019 (SC2019) is a high-profile, region-wide project with the bold goal of...
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West Creek Conservancy
After decades of habitat degradation in the mid-1900s due to rapid population growth, increased construction of residential areas and an interstate highway, West Creek’s natural features were becoming increasingly...
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