ECCAO©: Our Children are at Risk

The focus of ECCAO is protecting the youngest children in our local school districts who are vulnerable to the toxic influences of violent messages in the home, school, and our culture at large, and who need to learn the social skills that protect them from these influences.  

The advantages for children and families participating in the ECCAO program are clear:  these children will learn to be more civil, less ikely to become victims of violence, less likely to be bullies, and will have the best family and peer relationships. In addition, children with the best interpersonal skills are the most successful in school.   

Factors that put children at risk:

  • Violence is celebrated in our culture as an effective solution to interpersonal problems and as a major source of entertainment.  Children are exposed to violence on television, in movies, video games, cartoons, and music for up to six hours per day, every day of their lives.
  • Violence may be taught in the home through behavior by parents, other caregivers and siblings.
  • Violence may be taught and reinforced by child’s peers in their schools and communities. 
  • Violence can often reflect problems in developing brains which may have started when in the womb.
  • Violence is more likely to occur in children who are born with difficult temperaments in infancy and early childhood. 
  • Violence is more likely to happen when children and parents form insecure attachments.
  • Violence is most likely to occur when neurological problems, difficult temperament, poor attachments, and negative cultural influences all come together in the ever changing minds and emotions of our school children.  
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