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Neuroscience Program Alumni

The following are some of the success stories from past members of Dr. Mickley's neuroscience laboratory as well as alumni publications.

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Alicia Snyder

Last Update: Alicia, a former Neuroscience Laboratory Director, is currently a case manager working with people diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and some personality disorders. Additionally, she monitors clients' compliance with mental health treatment for the Akron Municipal Court.  Alicia is also a graduate student in the University of Akron's Community Counseling program, working toward a counseling license. She is interested in pursuing continued work with the Mental Health Court movement.



Brett Stanton

Last Update: Brett graduated in Spring 2001 with a B.S. in psychology and a minor in Neuroscience.  After working for some time at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation's Cole Eye Institute, he moved to the University of Arizona where he does similar research on the eye.



Melissa VanderKaay

Last Update: Melissa earned her B.A. in psychology in 1999. She attended Ohio University and earned her Ph.D. in experimental psychology with a concentration in Health Psychology. Melissa is a Professor in the Psychology Department at St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vt.


Jessica Vensel, M.D.

Last Update: Jessica obtained her B.S. in Biology from BW in 1998; attended Ohio State University and received her M.S. in Anatomy in 2000.  Jessica graduated from the medical school at Medical College of Ohio.  She finished her medical residency at the Cleveland Clinic in Neurology.  Additionally, she is married to Louie Rundo (also BW Class of '98 and Laboratory Alum).



Crystal Walker, M.S.W.

Last Update: Crystal earned her B.A. in Psychology from BW in 1996.  She completed her M.S.W. at Case Western Reserve University.


Bettina Weber, D.V.M.

Last Update: Bettina attended veterinary school at The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, and earned her veterinary degree in May 2005. Following Bettina's graduation from veterinary school, she moved to Columbia, MO to pursue a residency in Comparative Animal Medicine and a Ph.D. (area Veterinary Pathobiology).As of 2008, she currently is a third year resident. She is performing her Ph.D. work in the lab of Dr. Charlotte Phillips and is currently involved in research using a mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta (a brittle bone disease) to better understand the disease and help develop therapies for human patients.

"The neuro lab was the first place I was able to see the connection between animals used in research and the impact this research could have on the human community.I remember the lab being a great learning experience and being able to interact with some wonderful people."



John and Anna Yocom 

Last Update:John and Anna worked in the BW Neuroscience Laboratory for several years before their marriage.  John earned his degree in Psychology from BW in 2002 while Anna earned her degree in Biology from BW in 2003.  The two wed on June 7, 2003.  Since graduation, both have worked as Research Specialists in the Ophthalmology Departments of both the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the University of Arizona.  Anna received her Ph.D from The Ohio State University where she studied the social structure and development of non-human primates.  John is also at OSU and is currently employed as the manager for the Ohio State University's Institutional Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee (ILACUC).

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