Statistics Minor

The demand for statistical specialists has been growing very rapidly. The growth of the internet has spawned an explosion in the collection of data. Therefore, there is rapidly expanding interest in using this data to support decisions. This in turn has created a great demand for statistical specialists.

The statistics specialist is expected to have rudimentary knowledge in an area of application, so this program marries the strength of a student in an applied area with specialized knowledge in the application of statistics. It goes beyond the basic knowledge that every major might be expected to have.

The minor in statistics consists of a core of required courses and an elective capstone course.

Required Courses

One of the following introductory courses in statistics

MTH 135 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3 credit hours) or
MTH 138 Biostatistics (3 credit hours) or
ECN 279 Elements of Statistics (4 credit hours) or
PSY 279 Elements of Statistics (4 credit hours)

MTH 141 Calculus I (4 credit hours)

ECN 379 Advanced Statistical Methods (4 credit hours)

MTH 335 Design and Analysis of Experiments (3 credit hours) 

Capstone Course

One of the following is to be taken as the capstone course

MTH 405 Theory of Probability (4 credit hours) or
MTH 406 Mathematical Statistics (3 credit hours) or
POL 240 Introduction to Political Analysis(3 credit hours) or
PSY 280 Research Methods(4 credit hours) or
SOC 281 Data Analysis(4 credit hours)

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