Honors Newsletter - Fall 2016

Message from the Associate Director

by Margaret Stiner, Associate Director, Honors Program

Baldwin Wallace University students, like college students everywhere, view their college years as preparation for their careers and lives after college. As Baldwin Wallace University Honors Program students, however, you are also told to be mindful of John Dewey’s maxim that “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Your education in the honors program culminates in a thesis, “a project that that expresses your individual interests, and helps you learn how to think independently, critically, and creatively.” Those three learning objectives are central to the honors program, and it isn’t random that thinking “independently” is listed first. 

Learning to think independently is at the heart of your liberal arts and sciences education. The Latin, “ars liberalis,” translates as “the skills of freedom”  yes, freedom from the limits of other people’s opinions and expectations, but independent thinking also requires you to move beyond the limitations of your own unexamined opinions toward an understanding of other people’s perspectives. The honors program encourages you to enter into a community of curious learners with whom you can share and grow. We hope that the independent thinking skills you develop throughout your honors education—in classes, in honors co-curricular involvement, and in study abroad--will free you to see and understand the bigger world, the other people in that world, and your place in the world. We hope that you take that intriguing honors class about “invisible people,” help new immigrants with the urban garden in Ohio City, and discover Guatemala, the Land of Eternal Spring. Learn about your world, think new and independent thoughts and educate yourself for the life you are living now!