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The Adams Street Cemetery Project is a collaborative research-based community service project. BW students are working with faculty, professional historians from the Berea Historical Society and City of Berea personnel to rediscover the lost histories of persons buried in the Adams Street Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Berea.

Career Opportunities Include:

History is ideal as a single major or as a companion for a double major.  BW's history program offers ideal preparation for graduate studies, law school and for many careers. Opportunities include:

  • Teacher
  • Museum curator
  • Urban planner
  • Librarian or archivist
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Government official
  • Attorney
  • Journalist
  • Criminologist or law enforcement officer
Everything has a history, so studying history allows you to study anything.

BW's history major builds skills in critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical writing, and provides practical, professional, career-oriented experiences.


History is more than dates and data.  It is art, religion, philosophy, economics, and science.  It is war, love, tragedy, and hope.   It helps us to learn from our past and build a better future. 

Impressive Faculty

Whether your interests are U.S., British, East Asian, Russian, or Middle Eastern history, or the entire world, our faculty bring impressive credentials to the classroom. In addition to their geographic areas of expertise, they are military historians, social historians, cultural historians and intellectual historians, who have published works on American revolutionary generals, poverty in Tudor-Stuart England, Nazi blood science, Soviet treatment of native Siberians, and the intellectual foundations of Islamic militancy. 


Today's employers need students who can function well in a diverse society and a global economy, who can think analytically and write well.  The Baldwin Wallace History Department invests in excellent teaching and in training our students for meaningful employment.   All our full-time professors are award-winning teachers, and our curriculum is designed so that students master the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today's world. 


BW provides more opportunities to learn history experientially than most other colleges.  Our location just outside of Cleveland allows students a variety of options for field experiences (including internships with law firms, the Cleveland Indians, the county Probate Court, and the Western Reserve Historical Society). 

You can also work on historically-oriented civic projects, such as cemetery documentation or local history research.  You can work to better your community, through service learning courses.  You can even assist your professors in professional research projects and publications, and present your research at professional conferences.  We also like to bridge classroom learning with exploration through study abroad and faculty-led trips.  



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