Dr. Lawrence Franz



Lawrence is presently teaching in the area of Special Education. He is completing his sixth year as an instructor/professor at Baldwin Wallace University. 

He completed 30 years as a Special Educator working with students having emotional, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities. His students ranged in grade level from upper elementary through secondary. He has taught in a residential facility as well as the public school setting. The students attending these settings ranged in backgrounds from low socioeconomic urban to more affluent suburban environments. His students represented varied racial and ethnic backgrounds.

As an educator of students with special needs, he has participated in pre-placement conferences and the resulting development, implementation, and evaluation of student IEPs. He has developed transition plans for his students and monitored outcomes leading to career planning and vocational training. He has attended a wide variety of specialized conferences and intervention sessions to address needs relevant to his students with special needs. He has participated in the creation and application of behavioral management programs for individuals and classrooms, as well as school-wide programs. Meeting the unique educational needs of his students has required him to adapt academic content, presentation, and evaluative approaches to address students' abilities to learn. He continues to strive to help students who have learning challenges at the higher education level as well. This pursuit has enabled him to share his expertise with other faculty who similarly attempt to help college students who might be at risk for retention.   

Curriculum Vita


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