Communication Studies


Professor Sheila Peebles

As a teacher Sheila Peebles believes that you cannot bore students into learning.  "If I have one message for my students," she says, "it is this: enjoy the journey.  I love that line from the play Auntie Mame - life is a banquet and most people are starving to death."  Sheila has a Bachelor's degree from Indiana University in Education, and a Master's degree in Theater from Kent State University.  After 30 years teaching in the Berea City School System Sheila retired in 1998. Sheila is on the board of the Cuyahoga County Fair, and director of Junior Fair.

Sheila's enthusiasm touches those in her public speaking class at BW as well as area students who get involved in her Junior Fair projects.  "I just want to see kids open their minds and think outside of the box."

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