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Managing Up: Build a win-in relationship with your project sponsor and stakeholders

Date to be determined; Baldwin Wallace, Berea
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm; $359
Instructor: Pete Evangelista

Some sponsors micro-manage.  Some sponsors don't seem to care.  And some sponsors are just uptight that your project wasn't done yesterday!  Your project sponsor should be your customer, your partner, and your biggest cheerleader. 

And who holds a stake in your project? Probably more people than you first think.  Each has something to gain or lose in your project's success.  As a PM, you need to be able to understand the influence (for good and for evil) that stakeholders can make and be able to manage that influence. 

This full-day hands-on class gets to the root of a very common project problem: contention between the Project Manager and Sponsor. Participates will learn how to evaluate the position of each of the parties, and what factors drive common behavior.  Participants will practice techniques for managing the relationship and communicating for smoother project execution.

Target Audience: For project managers, program managers, and portfolio managers who need a solid relationship with the sponsor of their project(s) in order to succeed; for project service providers who sell services within or outside their organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and be able to quantify your position as project manager
  • Identify the influencing factors of sponsorship and stakeholders
  • Develop a communication strategy that builds collaboration and accountability
  • Apply techniques that keep the relationship open and positive

Course Outline:

  1. Can't we all just get along:  why the contention?
    1. Sources of conflict
    2. Common perceptions
  2. What you each bring to the game
  3. What's your position?
    1. The project objective
    2. Your personal objectives
    3. SWOT Analysis
    4. What are alternative positions?
  4. Exercise - a critical self-examination
  5. Where is your sponsor coming from?
    1. What is their position
      1. What's to lose?
      2. What's to gain?
    2. Who else is playing?
      1. Economic Buyer Influences
      2. User Buyer Influences
      3. Technical Buyer Influences
      4. Coaching
  6. Exercise - walking a mile in your sponsor's shoes
  7. Dealing with other stakeholders
  8. Developing your communication strategy
    1. Who needs to know what?
    2. Frequency of communications / topic
  9. Delivering bad news
  10. Case Study / Exercises
  11. Review


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