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A 2011 Survey conducted by PM Solutions, Inc. reported that of the US $200 million in projects the average organization manages each year, US $74 million worth of projects ar at risk of failing.


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Headshot of Brian Munroe, Founder and CEO of MTI 
 Brian Munroe

MTI's Founder and CEO, Brian H. Munroe, is a seasoned leader with solid project & program management, customer service and account management experience. He is currently a member of the Project Management Institute and is the President & Chairman of the Board for the Troubled Projects SIG.

Rescue My Project

April 17 & 18, 2012
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; $799;
$679 PMI members register before April 1, 2012 
Baldwin Wallace, Berea
12 PDU
Instructor: Brian Munroe

Trouble will find even the best teams, and with a limited window of opportunity for corrective measures, those teams need to possess the skills to turn their projects around. This program is designed to EMPOWER project teams to take immediate and decisive action.

This course is for project managers, project sponsors and other project team members who want to understand why projects fail, become familiar with warning signs that a project is in trouble, trigger events and impediments to declaring trouble. You will learn a methodology necessary to effectively assess and either recover or terminate a troubled project.

Through instruction, discussions of real experiences and hands on exercises, you will learn how to effectively and efficiently plan and execute the entire project rescue process, including assessment, project decision, and recovery or termination. You will walk away with tools and templates to make project recovery efforts more streamlined.

Target Audience:  Project managers, project sponsors and other project team members who want to understand why projects fail and how to effectively and efficiently rescue projects that are in trouble.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand reasons projects fail and be able to identify symptoms of a troubled project
  • Describe the project rescue framework
  • Understand the purpose, objectives and methodology of each phase in the project rescue process (assessment, decision, recovery, termination and closing)
  • Utilize the available project rescue tools and templates

Course Outline:

  • Project Rescue Overview
    • Introduction to Troubled Projects
    • Why Projects Fail
    • Symptoms of Troubled Projects
    • Trigger Events
    • Impediments to Declaring Trouble (Suppression Factors)
    • Difference Between Trouble and Risk
    • Introduction to the Project Rescue Process
    • Role of the Rescue Project Manager
  • Assessment Phase
    • Purpose of Assessment
    • Keys to Assessment Success
    • Assessment Process
      • Assessment Charter
      • Assessment Plan
      • Conducting the Assessment
      • Assessment Report
  • Project Decision
    • Purpose of the Meeting
    • Project Decision Process
    • Facilitating the Project Decision
    • Performing Effective Business Analysis
      • Approval
      • Originality
      • Business Strategy
      • Technology Considerations
      • Customers and Markets
      • Project Status
    • Determining the Optimal Solution (Recover or Terminate?)
    • Special Termination Case: Pausing a Project
    • Fundamental Strategies and Creating a Roadmap for Recovery
    • Establishing Immediate Action Plans
  • Recovery Phase
    • Purpose of Recovery
    • Keys to Recovery Success
    • Recovery Process
      • Recovery Charter
      • Recovery Plan
      • Conducting the Recovery
      • Recovery Report
  • Termination Phase
    • Purpose of Termination
    • Pausing a Project
    • Termination/Pause Process
  • Closing Phase
    • Purpose of Closure
  • Closing Process
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