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Building Effective Virtual Teams

to be determined
12 pm - 1 pm; TBD PDU; $199;
Instructor: Lori Long

NOTE: This course is fully online. Course includes two 1-hour sessions that are synchronous and 2 hours of team and independent work.

The combined impact of organizations’ growing technologies, geographic reach, number of remote workers, and reliance on teams often lead to workplaces where employees must collaborate with unseen colleagues. Working on such virtual teams creates challenges for all stakeholders, as conflict can evolve from uncertainty about responsibilities and communication lacks the richness of face-to-face interactions. This can lead to team members missing non-verbal cues that provide vital feedback. It can be difficult to build trust, consensus and common understanding. Simply put, without deliberate preparation and management, virtual teams can fail in accomplishing their intended goals.

This course will help managers and team leaders build and manage effective virtual teams. Using a combination of synchronous webinars and online coursework, participants will learn best practices and actually experience virtual collaboration. The course will help participants understand the challenges facing virtual teams, learn strategies to build trust and effective team relationships, and learn skills to effectively manage the performance of virtual teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the growing reliance on virtual teams in the workplace
  • Identify barriers to effective team virtual collaboration
  • Learn strategies to build trust and relationships in virtual teams
  • Identify strategies to manage the performance of virtual team members

Target Audience: Project managers, program managers, and other managers who need to effectively build trust and lead teams working at remote locations.


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