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Strategic Planning and Management for Leaders in Healthcare Organizations


Strategic planning is an important leadership and management tool, especially in an era of uncertainty. A sound strategic plan will help any healthcare organization thrive in dynamic environments and adapt as market conditions change. In this course, you will understand what strategic planning is, why it is important, how it is done, who does (should) do it, and why so many organizations struggle to do it. Structured around a comprehensive case study and accompanying, exercises, and discussion, you are placed in the planner's seat, and will be asked to apply what you have learned to lead the hospital in the case study to success.
  • Understand the role leadership plays in strategic planning
  • Develop data, information and learn  key analytical tools that support strategic planning
  • Understand factors affecting strategic planning in various aspects of healthcare
  • Link strategic planning to operating performance initiatives across the continuum of healthcare
  • Apply principles to current conditions and challenges in your own organization


Understanding Strategic Planning & The Role of Leaders

  • What is strategic planning, and why take it seriously?
  • Foundation of strategic planning
  • Transformation leadership maximizes strategic planning
Essential Strategy Planning Techniques for Healthcare
  • Fundamentals of strategic planning
  • SWOT analysis
Data, Information & Tools for Supporting Strategic Planning
  • Health information technology
  • Healthcare business plan
  • Communicating the strategic plan
Developing Strategic Planning Initiatives Across Healthcare Services
  • Medical group and joint ventures
  • Long-term care services
New Developments in Healthcare Strategic Planning
  • Strategic planning in health systems
  • Pay for performance
  • The new value paradigm in healthcare 


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