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Mastering Executive Leadership and Change in Healthcare Today

Course Description:

Delivering efficient and effective healthcare in the United States is becoming critical as we move into an era of increased legislation and regulation. Thinking strategically, understanding finances, and designing efficient operations are all necessary, but are not sufficient to deal with the upcoming changes. Leading people, and change, is a critical skill that today's healthcare professionals must have to assist the organization as it navigates through the turbulent times ahead.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the factors affecting strategic and team leadership in healthcare
  • Identify the leader's role in strategy, structure, and culture alignment
  • Understand your leadership capabilities and competencies
  • Enhance your ability to lead multiple teams for effectiveness
  • Assess Interpersonal, group, and organizational issues when leading change

Course Outline

Strategic Leadership & Team Leadership

  • Discuss strategic leadership issues affecting healthcare leadership
  • Review external factors affecting healthcare organizations
  • Identify your personal leadership predisposition
  • Evaluate your leadership predisposition as it relates to your organization

Strategy, Structure and Culture Alignment

  • The need for alignment and implications when misalignment occurs
  • Leadership's role in alignment and atonement
  • How to change structure and culture

Organization Behavior

  • Identifying individual, interpersonal, group and organizational issues
  • Developing interpersonal skills to address issues
  • Developing strategies for improving effectiveness

Leading Change

  • How to lead change and its implications
  • Study of change initiatives and their promises and pitfalls
  • Applying learning to your organization
  • Creating a leadership development plan


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