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John Fuehrer

Professor John Fuehrer

Professor Fuehrer's teaching areas include Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and General Management.  He has been teaching at Baldwin Wallace since 2000 as both an adjunct and now full-time professor.  John has also been conducting assessment research and guest lectures on the topics of Employment Screening, Job-Fit & Personality at BW since 1996.

John is also the President and owner of Access Cleveland.  Founded in 1988, Access Cleveland is an employment screening and human resource consulting business.  The firm assists over 200 businesses across the country with their hiring practices through a variety of personality assessment tools, drug screening services, consumer investigative reports, and Human Resource/Organizational Behavior consulting services.

Professor Fuehrer earned his B.A. and MBA from Baldwin Wallace University.  He is currently in the dissertation stage of his Doctorate of Business Administration in Management Labor Relations and Global Business (Minor) from Cleveland State University.  His research interests include Recruiting and Employment Assessment, Organizational Commitment, and National Culture's impact on Organizational Behavior concepts.  Professor Fuehrer is presently conducting research on the impact of personality on academic success in graduate business programs.


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