Yueming Yang

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Albany, SUNY

Yueming Yang

Yueming YangAssistant Professor

Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY

Dr. Yueming Yang is passionate about working with students in classes to explore the frontiers of how computing could better solve people's real-life problems from calculating the multi-degree of freedom kinematics to finding the maximum profit. He is delighted to see students apply the scientific theories with computational thinking to help the world on a daily basis in different areas.

Yang is also an active researcher in image processing, computer vision and scientific computing. His work focuses on turning the traditional two-dimensional graphic representations of the world into three-dimensional. In particular, he is interested in using Divide-and-Conquer-then-Fusion strategy to reduced the quadratic time complexity of the current Multi-view 3D reconstruction methods. His work also includes applications such as 3D video surveillance and 3D tourism.