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Ph.D., Kent State University

Barbara Sposet

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Ph.D., Kent State University

Dr. Barbara Sposet's classroom and administrative experience includes teaching Spanish and exploratory languages, grades 7 to 12 as well as teaching American literature to sophomores and serving as department chairman for both foreign languages and English. Sposet also served as advisor to the high school newspaper for 32 years and the yearbook for 16 years.

Her middle school experience includes serving as co-assistant principal and initiating the foreign language exploratory program and transition to the middle school concept.

Sposet has traveled extensively to Spanish-speaking countries and has taken high school students on numerous trips to New York, California, Mexico, Spain and Europe. She also was named an American Field Service exchange teacher to Honduras in the summer of 1976.

The author of one self-published and two scholarly books, Sposet has presented and written for various local, state, national and international organizations and journals.

Sposet's research and teaching interests include reading, diversity, second language acquisition, issues in education and culturally-relevant teaching strategies.

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