Abolfazi Mollalo headshot

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Florida

Abolfazl (Abe) Mollalo

Abolfazi Mollalo headshotAssistant Professor in Spatial Epidemiology

Ph.D. in Spatial Epidemiology (Medical geography), Department of Geography, University of Florida, 2019

MSc. in GIS, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, 2014

Dr. Molallo has more than seven years of experience teaching and researching geographic information system (GIS). He has applied GIS as a powerful platform for analyzing various infectious diseases and the role of geography on their occurence and re-occurrence.

Molallo's interests include spatial-temporal analysis and modeling of health outcomes. Mollalo teaches GIS, Environmental Health and Spatial Epidemiology at BW. His methodology-oriented courses enable students to gain hands-on experience implementing various tools and techniques in an ArcGIS environment, skills that are useful for their future careers.

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