Lecturer III, Business Administration
M.E.S.N., UC Santa Barbara

Douglas Mazeffa

Doug Mazeffa is the Senior LCA Specialist for The Sherwin-Williams Company and one of the leading experts on Life Cycle Assessment and environmental impact analysis. Doug has been cited as a sustainability expert in leading media outlets such as BBC, CNN, USA Today, CNBC, NBC, CBS, The Economist, Huffington Post, and Fox News. Doug has authored several texts on sustainability including Learning to Shop Sustainably, The Logical Environmentalist, and multiple Greenopia Green Living Guides. He is also a highly sought after speaker including lecturing at over a half-dozen Universities as well as presenting at numerous conferences, webinars, radio shows, and television programs. Doug acquired his Master's Degree in Corporate Environmental Management from the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management where he studied Life Cycle Assessment, eco-labels, and consumer perception of the environment. He also completed his undergraduate work in Environmental Science and Economics at Miami University. Doug currently sits on the board of several companies across the US, is the Research Advisor for Greenopia (of which he was formerly the Research Director), and a trainer for the WBCSD.  A former All-American and national chess champion, Doug presently resides in Cleveland, OH with his wife and daughter.