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Ph.D., University of Stuttgart, Germany

Joe Mayer


Ph.D. in Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Germany
M.E., University of Stuttgart, Germany


As a former CEO and president of privately held and divisions of publicly traded companies, Joe Mayer has experience in growing high-tech companies, as well as managing turnaround situations. Mayer has led companies with more than $200 million in sales and 450 employees working in manufacturing operations around the U.S. with sales and service teams serving customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Mayer’s passion lays in developing strategies to invent and market new products and in developing high-performance teams and their team members to achieve breakthrough results. He is well versed in financial analysis, balanced score card development, budgeting, acquisition and divestiture of companies and product lines and developing and leading sales teams. He has an extensive background in leading change and has, as a trainer and coach, championed the implementation of lean manufacturing principles in several companies.

Building on his successful training experiences, in 2007 Mayer founded the Mayer Business Group, a consulting and leadership training company dedicated to growing businesses by implementing winning strategies and elevating their leadership teams through development of their personal, social and professional skills. To help businesses implement the new techniques more efficiently, Mayer added business coaching for leaders and their high-potential team members to the company’s offerings.

Mayer is a national speaker and facilitator. His presentation and workshops focus on strategic business growth, leadership development, vision and strategic sales and marketing.


Breakthrough Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Business Coach Certification


Adjunct Professor, Case Western Reserve University

COSE, Cleveland, OH

Fabricator & Manufacturer Association, International (FMA)

The Entrepreneur Club of America (TECA)