David Krueger headshot

Director, International Studies and National Security
Ph.D., Columbia University

Judy Krutky

Judy Krutky headshotDirector, International Studies and National Security
Director, Intercultural Education
Professor of Political Science, International Studies and National Security

Ph.D., Columbia University
M.I.A., Johns Hopkins, SAIS
B.A., Southern Methodist University


(440) 826-2311, jkrutky@bw.edu

Dr. Judy Krutky has been an instrumental part of BW’s pioneering efforts to prepare students for an ever-changing global community. Her leadership for both the international studies and national security majors has resulted in BW students receiving coveted internships, fellowships, employment and acceptance to prestigious graduate programs.

She is the recipient of several of BW's top teaching awards and was a visiting scholar at the RAND Corp. Krutky teaches introduction courses in international studies as well as advanced courses in Russian politics, arms and global security.