Ph.D., Duquesne University

Thomas Jovanovski

Lecturer in Philosophy

Ph.D., Duquesne University

Dr. Thomas Jovanovski joined the philosophy department at Baldwin Wallace University in August 2000. While he teaches a variety of courses, his specialty is ancient philosophy and 19th-century philosophy with an emphasis on Plato, Aristotle and Nietzsche.

Born in Bitola, Macedonia, not far from Aristotle's birthplace, Jovanovski came to the United States as a teenager and earned a doctorate from Duquesne University. His dissertation is titled “Nietzsche's Subversion of the Aesthetic Socratic Dialectic.” He also not infrequently publishes articles in professional journals on topics in philosophy and clinical psychology. In 2008, Jovanovski published “Aesthetic Transformations: Taking Nietzsche at His Word,” which was well received by most Nietzsche commentators.   

Jovanovski speaks several Balkan languages, is active in the North American Macedonian community and often provides translation assistance to northeast Ohio Balkan immigrants.