Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Stony Brook University

Les Hunter

Assistant Professor of English

Ph.D., Stony Brook University
M.F.A., Boston University
M.A., Brooklyn College
B.A., Macalester College

As a playwright, Dr. Les Hunter wrote for all three parts of the collaboratively written “Jackson Heights Trilogy” (Theatre 167, published by Indie Theatre Now). Other projects include his plays “Biggest Break” (Artistic New Directions), “Lion of the East” (Tribeca Performing Arts Center), “Cyrano de Bergen County, New Jersey” (published by Playscripts), “Notes Towards a Dialectical Theatre Deconstructed, Reconstructed, and Ultimately Discarded: A Love Story” (Collective:Unconscious) and “To the Orchard” (Foundation for Jewish Culture New Play Award); an American adaptation with Ozen Yula of his play, “For Rent” (Lancaster Performing Arts Center); a screenplay, “Lion” (Dubai Film Connection); and a musical,“‘99," with Ben Morss of the band Cake (Theatre 167).

Hunter’s writing has appeared in American Theatre Magazine, Theatre Survey, Cutbank, Fiction Southeast,, The Dramatist, The Eugene O’Neill Review, Ecumenica, Comparative Drama and the anthology "Experimental O’Neill." He has held residencies at Soaring Gardens in Pennsylvania and Millikan University in Illinois and has held memberships with the Playwrights GYM at Dobama Theater and America-In-Play. Hunter has served as the literary director of Theatre 167, curator of new plays at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center and co-founder of the Brooklyn Playwrights Collective.

He has presented papers at the Association for Theater in Higher Education, American Society of Theatre Research, Mid-American Theatre Conference, International Federation of Theatre Research, Northeast Modern Language Association and the Comparative Drama Conference. In 2014, Hunter participated in the Mellon School of Theater and Performance Research at Harvard University.