Maureen DeVito

J.D., Cleveland State University Marshall College of Law

Maureen Devito

Maureen DeVitoLecturer

J.D., Cleveland State University Marshall College of Law
MBA, University of South Carolina
B.A., University of Notre Dame


Having taught since 2010 as an adjunct with a full-time course load, Maureen DeVito primarily teaches international and introductory business courses to undergraduate students. Her preferred teaching focus includes courses in global strategy and social responsibility of global corporations. In 2012 she received the Adult and Continuing Education Faculty of Excellence Award for her commitment to her students. She also advises the Coffee Club and Enactus student organizations. 

Professionally, she has led non-profit corporations in Northeast Ohio and consulted with international non-profits, including Future to Russia which provided Western medical practice and training within the Moscow region. She organized the first three Harvest for Hunger drives, helping the fundraiser become one of the largest in the country, raising $3.5 million.