Fire Right to Know

The crime and fire statistics that are displayed below are for the years of 2019, 2020 and 2021. This follows The Federal Department of Education’s guidelines for the publishing of crime and fire data, by October 1, for the previous three years. These crime and fire statistics can also be viewed on the Department of Education's website.

This guide is published annually in compliance with section 485 (pgs. 596-614) of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, otherwise known as the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act. It contains resident housing information on fire statistics, Safety and Security’s “Fire Log,” fire safety equipment and plans to improve this equipment, fire safety training and drills, procedures for evacuation, and rules on portable electrical appliances, smoking, open flames.

All currently registered students as well as employees are advised each year of the guide’s availability, the exact electronic address at which the report is posted, a brief description of the report’s contents, and a statement that the institution will provide a paper copy of the report upon request.

Printed copies may be requested by calling Safety and Security at (440) 826-2737. Prospective students and employees of the University are also informed of the guide’s availability by Admission and Human Resources, and these departments have printed copies available in their reception/office areas.