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The Jacket Express Card is your official form of identification at Baldwin Wallace and an essential part of campus life for all students. It is your passport to campus-wide privileges, providing maximum security and ease of use. The Jacket Express Card is your key access into some facilities and residence halls. It should be carried with you at all times.

Your Jacket Express Card can be used for purchases at numerous campus locations including dining halls and the bookstore. Select off-campus merchants in Berea accept the Jacket Express Card for payment.


You will receive your Jacket Express Card during new student orientation. If you are unable to get your Jacket Express Card during orientation, you can obtain your card through the ID Office during normal business hours. A signature and valid photo ID (i.e., driver's license) will be required when picking up your Jacket Express Card.


Baldwin Wallace offers a declining-balance meal plan.

Students living in BW residence halls, apartments or houses automatically receive a Jacket Express Resident Meal Plan at the beginning of each semester. At the beginning of each semester, a predetermined amount is deposited to your Jacket Express Card. Every time a purchase is made, the amount is deducted from your account. This plan offers students greater flexibility in controlling their money, plus students only pay for what they eat. Unlike most schools, BW credits the student's billing account for any unused funds at the end of the end of the fall and spring semesters.

Commuter students may open an account once registered for classes with a minimum of $25 in person at the ID Office or on MyBW. Any balance remaining at the end of fall semester will roll over to spring. At the end of the spring semester, BW credits the student's billing account for any unused funds.


Students can login online to view their account balance and transaction history or to deactivate a lost card. Account balances are displayed on most card swipe devices on campus. Account information also can be obtained through the ID Office.

Students can request to add to their account balance by completing an online form or by printing and completing the form and returning it in person to the ID Office located on the first floor of Strosacker Hall, the Student Union (120 East Grand Street) or by mailing it to:
ID Office
Baldwin Wallace University
275 Eastland Road
Berea, OH 44017

All accounts are closed and any remaining balance is credited to the student's billing account at the end of each spring semester. If a student withdraws from the University prior to the end of the spring semester, the remaining balance will be credited at this time.


Students on the Jacket Express Board Plan can view the weekly anticipated balances on MyBW.


The Jacket Express Card account is available to each registered student. The card is the property of Baldwin Wallace University and has been issued for the card holder's use only. Proper identification and signature are required to obtain a card. The card is non-transferable. Lending the card to anyone or possessing another person's card is a violation of University regulations and will result in confiscation of the card and possible loss of privileges. The University is not responsible for any loss, theft or misuse of the card. A fee will be charged for the replacement of a lost or stolen card. Cash withdrawals from a Jacket Express account will not be permitted. The Jacket Express account cannot be used for fines, dues, fees or memberships.

A Jacket Express account is not transferable and the card must be presented in person. Additional identification or signature may be required for certain purchases or account adjustments. The cardholder is responsible for any transactions that occur on the card prior to the account(s) closing.

Under normal conditions you will not be able to overdraw your Jacket Express account(s). If under certain unusual circumstances, an insufficient balance condition might occur and the condition is not cleared, the insufficient balance amount will be billed to the card holder's BW Student Billing Account.

The University will disclose information to third parties about the account holder's account or the transfer made only: (1) to comply with court orders or other applicable laws, or (2) if the account holder gives written permission.

The cardholder is responsible for reporting a lost or stolen card by phone or in person to the ID Office at (440) 826-2410 during business hours. After hours contact BW Safety and Security Department at (440) 826-2336. The account holder will not be held accountable for any Jacket Express Card transactions once a card is reported lost or stolen. The account holder may be responsible for transactions occurring prior to reporting the card lost or stolen.

The terms of this agreement commence when the card has been issued and account(s) have been activated. The card and account(s) will expire upon termination of enrollment. The University has the right to stop card activity for financial or academic resolution.

Jacket Express account holders may request between August 1-July 31 of the current academic year, a printed statement of transactions by going to the ID Office in Strosacker Hall, the Student Union. Jacket Express account balance information is displayed at most locations where the Jacket Express ID card is accepted and through the student's BW portal page. Errors or inaccuracies with a car holder’s account will be corrected in person at the ID Office.

Any remaining balance in the student's Jacket Express Resident Board Plan account will be credited to the student's billing account at the end of Fall and Spring semesters.

Any balance remaining in the commuter student's Jacket Express account will be carried over from fall semester to spring semester. A $10 processing charge may be applied for any requests to reduce or close a Jacket Express account prior to the normal closing period at the end of fall, spring and summer semesters.

All student accounts will be closed at the end of Spring semester or upon withdrawal from the school and any balance remaining will be credited to the student's billing account.

Summer semester accounts will be closed by the end of July, unless otherwise notified, and any remaining balance will be credited to the student's BW Student Billing Account. Commuter students may open an account for Fall semester after summer accounts have been closed.

A deduction from a student's Jacket Express account will occur when merchandise is purchased through the online Bookstore site and payment method is with the Jacket Express Account.

Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the return policy where the goods or services were purchased. Cash refunds will not be made for returned merchandise purchased with a Jacket Express Card. A credit will be made to the Jacket Express account for the amount of the return.

The Jacket Express account holder agrees to abide by all sales, regulations, policies and procedures as specified by the University and the Jacket Express Card program. Violations of such rules, regulations, policies and/or procedures may result in cancellation of a Jacket Express account holder's privileges. Further changes in terms and conditions regulating the use of the Jacket Express Card and the Jacket Express Card account(s) will apply to all cards in use at that time and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired.


Thomas Bobek
Director of Campus ID Office

Jennifer Butcher
ID Specialist

Sharon Fraley
ID Specialist