Baldwin Wallace University is committed to academic and administrative excellence reflecting the highest standards of collegiality, personal integrity and ethical behavior. Therefore, BW requires that all members of the University community and its guests be treated with dignity and respect.

BW’s Community Standards of Conduct Policy has been established to assist all members of the University community—students, faculty and staff—in determining and applying appropriate conduct in performing their diverse roles. The University’s mission to assist students with their preparation to become caring, compassionate citizens can only be accomplished in a learning community where each member values, endorses and models the following principles.

Respect for Persons

All members of our university community will treat others equitably, honestly and with respect by exercising courtesy, consideration and responsiveness, and by avoiding behavior that might reasonably be perceived as harassing, bullying, belittling or intimidating.


All members of our university community will exhibit personal honesty and uncompromising integrity in fulfilling University-related activities on and off-campus.

Diligence and Professionalism

All members of our campus community will carry out their duties in a professional and conscientious manner. They will make and implement official decisions faithfully and impartially. Each member of our community will pursue continuous improvement through lifelong learning with the goal of achieving the highest possible standards of performance and service.


All members of our University community have an obligation to effectively and efficiently use the University’s property, facilities and financial resources for legitimate University purposes, including maintaining security over those assets.

Respect for the Law and the University’s Governance System

All members of our University community will support the University’s mission, observe University policies and regulations, and adhere to all local, state and federal laws.

The Baldwin Wallace University Community Standards of Conduct policy has been endorsed by the President’s Council. All officers, students, faculty and staff of Baldwin Wallace University are expected to support the policy as a condition of affiliation with the University. Issues arising from this policy will be addressed through resolution procedures contained in the Faculty Manual, Employee Handbook and the Student Handbook.