Webcasting Policies

The following policies have been created to ensure that every webcast attains the highest level of quality and efficiency of production. Please read the list and feel free to contact John DiGennaro (jdigenna@bw.edu) if you have any questions.

  • Webcasting is a tool whose purpose is to broadcast an audio and or video production to a wide audience via the internet. Consequently, only productions that are meant to be viewed by the entire campus community or the entire world wide web will be considered.
    Please note: Webcasting is NOT the proper tool to broadcast to an overflow room for an event that is over-capacity.

  • The Webcasting Team requires two weeks advanced notice for an event. This is the minimum amount of time to properly prepare for event to ensure the best possible quality. The team will consider requests made with insufficient notice only under extremely unusual circumstances.

  • The group that request the webcast must assign a contact person who will be available in advance of and during the time of the event. The contact will answer questions and provide necessary access to the location.

  • The Webcast team needs to be able to scout the location before the date of the event in order to assess the environmental factors that will come to play. This includes: availability of a network drop, camera and cable placement, acoustics, and an unobtrusive area of the location to setup our production equipment.

  • In order to provide the best possible sound enhancement for the production, the participants of the event must agree to wear or use amplification equipment provided by the webcast team. This may include lavalier, handheld, or mounted microphones. This policy may be bypassed if the event is already professionally microphoned and the contact person for the event arranges for a member of the audio crew to act as a technical contact in assisting the Webcasting Team in pulling a direct feed off of the audio board.

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