Residence Life


Campus and US Mail Information


Please take a few minutes to review this information regarding the proper way to have your incoming mail addressed.  Having your mail properly addressed will significantly impact our ability to deliver it to you in a timely manner.  

If you live in any Residence Hall or in the Floreske Apartments, your mail should be addressed as follows: 

[Your Name]
Baldwin Wallace University
[Room Number, Building Name]
[Street Address, Street Name]
Berea Ohio, 44017

*To find out your specific building's street address and street name click here. 

Residents of the Berea Townhouse and Hamilton House apartments, as well as all campus houses, should leave out the second line containing "Baldwin Wallace University".

You will need to provide your family, friends and all other correspondents with this information to expedite delivery of your incoming mail.

Please direct your questions to one of the following:
Mail Center Web site  (440) 826-2337  

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