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Katy Johnson
Graduate Intern
(440) 826-3789

Special Projects Team


What is the Special Projects Team?

The Special Projects Team, consisting of up to 10 members, spends their time focusing on all of the larger events that OCO sponsors. These events include Saturday of Service, Gift Drive, MLK Day of Learning ,BW Spring Service Day and Leave it Behind.

Role of Special Projects Team Members:

For each event, a team member(s) is selected as the project Point Person(s), with the rest of the team operating as the planning committee. The project Point Person is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project under the supervision of the Student Director of Special Projects and OCO Graduate Intern. This includes, but is not limited to, setting a project timeline, delegating tasks among the planning committee members, setting and adhering to a program budget and evaluating the program. Special Projects Team Members meet weekly.  They are also expected to attend OCO Leadership Retreats (one per semester) and monthly OCO Team meetings.

To Apply:

A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required.  Please submit the form below by no later than Noon on March 27th.

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Interview Availability: please check times you ARE available on Tuesday, March 31st:  11 am    11:20 am    11:40 am    12 pm    12:20 pm    12:40 pm    1 pm    1:20 pm    1:40 pm    2 pm    2:20 pm    2:40 pm    3 pm  
Interview Availability: please check times you ARE available on Wednesday, April 1st:  2 pm    2:20 pm    2:40 pm  
Interview Availability: please check times you ARE available on Thursday, April 2nd:  11 am    11:20 am    11:40 am    12 pm    12:20 pm    12:40 pm    1 pm    1:20 pm    1:40 pm    2 pm    2:20 pm    2:40 pm    3 pm  
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