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Promoting Our Women’s Resources and Experiences (POWRE)

History and Mission

Promoting Our Women’s Resources and Experiences (POWRE) was formed by students in the spring of 2006. It was founded on the principle of equality for all people, and therefore, it tries to be active in recruitment of all women and men, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, size, ability, age, economic status, and religious or political affiliation. Our goal is to bring awareness to Baldwin Wallace and surrounding communities about issues that affect women, such as, but not limited to eating disorders, breast cancer, body image concerns, sexual assault, and domestic violence.


The purpose of this organization is to bring together BW College students who have an interest in issues pertaining to women and create positive experiences through advocating for social change. It is our hope that in bringing an awareness of these issues to the BW and surrounding community that we will be able to create an empowering atmosphere that will lead to social change (adapted from Northwestern University’s College Feminists Constitution).

Contact Information:
Co-Advisors:  Deb Esty
                          (440) 826-2094

                         Beth Hiser
                         (440) 826-2065


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