Fraternity and Sorority Life


Greek Council Beech Street Bash


musical festival

September 15, 2012
4 - 10 p.m.

Located in the BW Student Activities Center (SAC)
Open to Public

Sponsored by BW Greek Council, Greek Life and WBW 88.3 FM
Cost  - $5.00

Tim Neimann - Vice President, IFC Philanthropy/Scholarship & Service
Annalise Sinclair - Graduate Assistant, Greek Life
Advisor - Collegiate Panhellenic Council

Call for more information: (440) 826-2356

Rules and Regulations:
*Bands must arrive at the designated time for loading in their equipment. Time will be decided on by Tim Neimann and after the pre-sale tickets are turned it.

*Bands will receive pre-sale tickets September 5, 2012 between 12-4 pm in the Student Life Center in the Strosacker Union. All unsold tickets and money for sold tickets must be returned on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 from 12-4 pm.

*Bands are responsible for tickets lost.

*Time slots will be determined by the amount of pre-sale tickets sold.
(Band who sells the most tickets gets first choice of time slot).

*There will be no house drum set. Bands are responsible for bringing all of their own equipment. Any special set-up regarding sound needs to be expressed when picking up tickets on September 5, 2012.

*Bands will have approximately 25 minute sets. If set-up takes longer then the time allotted it will go into your playing set time. Band's are responsible for tear down of their set as well.

*Bands will respect the sound company that is hired.

*Bands will respect the venue and equipment being used. Any band that damages equipment that is not their own will be responsible for replacing/fixing the equipment.

* Required information
Band Name: *
Main Contact: *
Cell phone: *
Addresss: *
Email: *
By checking the BOX, all members of the said band agree to the rules and regulations stated above:    
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