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GLI Facilitator UIFI 2014 Registration Form


Students interested in attending UIFI 2014 and serving as a Greek Leadership Institute (GLI) facilitator on the weekend of January 23 & 24, 2015, may submit this application/registration form no later than 4:00 PM on Friday, March 28, 2014.

For questions, contact Marc West, Director of Greek Life at (440) 826-2356.

* Required information
First Name:
Last Name:
GPA: *
Have you attended GLI? *
Please answer the following questions :
1. Please list your current and previous chapter/council/ and campus leadership positions.: *
2. Why do you want to be a facilitator for GLI? *
3. How do you live your Chapter's values and creed? *
4. Recipients of the Greek Council's UIFI scholarships serve as faciliators at the Greek Leadership Institute. What do you feel is the purpose of the Greek Leadership Institute? *
5. In your own words, what are some ideal characteristics of a GLI facilitator? *
6. How do you work on a team? What leadership role do you take in a team setting? *
7. What would you like to see added to GLI? What would you keep the same? *
8. Why do you want to attend UIFI? *
9. How will you share what you have learned when you come back to campus? *
If I am selected to attend UIFI :
1) I accept that I need to provide my own transportation to and from UIFI.
2) I understand that I am expected and required to attend GLI on the tentative weekend of January 23, 2015 or January 30, 2015 to serve as a facilitator. As a facilitator, I will also attend any required planning meetings as called by the GLI Directors. If I do not fulfill this requirement, I understand that I must pay back all registration or miscellaneous fees that were paid for me to attend UIFI.
3) I understand that I must fulfill a fundraising goal of $150.00 in order to become a GLI facilitator.
4) I understand that I must complete two fundraising events to help cover costs of my UIFI participation.
Agreement:  Please check this box to signify agreement with the statement above.  
Greek Affiliation:
My chapter is affiliated with:
Chapter Position (if any):
Council Position (if any): (NIC, NPC, NPHC, NALFO, etc.):
Year in School:
Name for Badge:
Current Mailing Address:
Cell Phone:
E-mail Address:
Alternate E-mail Address:
Summer Mailing Address:
Summer Phone:
Summer E-mail:
Date to begin using summer info (YYYY-MM-DD):
Permanent Mailing Address:
Permanent Phone:
Emergency Contact (to provide medical release in an emergency):
Emergency Phone:
Relationship to you:
Please indicate any special needs or accommodations you may need if selected (i.e. meals, etc.):
Did a former UIFI graduate encourage you to apply?
If so, please enter their name here:
Session Preferences: Please indicate your availability for the following UIFI 2013 session by prioritizing all the dates you are available to attend. Our recommendation is that you prioritize all the potential dates in order to maximize your opportunity to be assigned to a session. (1 = 1st preference, 2 = 2nd preference, etc.). Please use numbers only. If you are unavilable for a session, please leave it blank. IMPORTANT: There is a chance you will be assigned to any session for which you indicate availability. Once assigned and confirmed, your registration fee is non-refundable. It can be transferred to another individual that you identify (for the same session you were assigned) up to 14 days prior to the session. All sessions are hosted at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
Session 1, May 17-21:
Session 2, May 19-23:
Session 3, May 28- June 1:
Session 4, May 31 - June 4:
Session 5, June 11-15:
Session 6, June 18-22:
Session 7, June 25-29:
Session 8, July 9-13:
Session 9, July 12-16:
Session 10, July 16-20:
Session 11, July 19-23:
Session 12: July 23-27:
Would you most likely drive or fly to UIFI?
Does your chapter, campus or headquarters, offer a scholarship to attend UIFI?
I understand UIFI is a substance-free program, and I agree to not bring, use, or consume alcohol or drugs during the program's entirety. I furthur agree to participate in all UIFI activities and remain on the host campus for the duration of the institute. I will challenge myself and other participants to abide by these expectations and will confront those who violate them. I understand that violations of these expectations will result in my immediate dismissal from UIFI and the host property at my own expense. I also understand that my registration fee is non-refundable. However, it can be transferred to another individual that I identify for the same session I was assigned to up to 14 days prior to the session.
Agreement:  Please check this box to signify agreement with the statement above.  
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