Fraternity and Sorority Life


Five Pillars of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Each Fraternity and Sorority has their own set of individual standards and principles, but as a Fraternity & Sorority Community there are five values we believe in and strive to fulfill -- the Five Pillars of Fraternity and Sorority Life. As a Fraternity and Sorority Community, we hold several events every year that fall into one of these five pillars.

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Joining a Fraternity or Sorority means becoming part of a family. Brothers and Sisters provide a "home away from home" for BW students that offers support and guidance.


The Fraternity and Sorority Community provides opportunities for both leadership and development. Each year members of the Fraternity and Sorority community are sent to various regional and national leadership conferences. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life also sponsors the Greek Leadership Institute (GLI) for emerging leaders in the Fraternity and Sorority Community. Numerous leadership opportunities are available through the chapters and the governing councils.


Scholarship is an important aspect of the Fraternity and Sorority Community at Baldwin Wallace University. Chapters provide academic resources, study session, scholarship awards, and other incentives to help members achieve academically. National research has also demonstrated that fraternity and sorority members are more likely to complete a college degree than non-members.


Service is a fundamental component of the Fraternity and Sorority Community. Each Fraternity and Sorority chapter has a philanthropy project that they support by giving both time and donations throughout the year. Fraternal organizations support a variety of different philanthropic and service projects in Berea, the greater Cleveland area, and nationally.


Chapters and members create lifelong friendships and memories at many social events. Organizations host brotherhood and sisterhood gatherings, retreats, mixers, and formals. These opportunities allow chapter members to establish relationships and enhance their skills in communication and team building.


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