Fraternity and Sorority Life


Frequently Asked Questions

What impact would membership in a Fraternity or Sorority have on a student's grades?

Students often find managing their time difficult when moving from the structured high school environment to the freedoms of college.  Sororities and fraternities assist in that transition by offering academic programs, which may include study partners, study hours, and time management workshops.  A network of students knowledgeable about college resources is easily accessed through members already familiar with the campus. While Fraternities and Sororities are concerned about the academic achievement of their members, each student is still ultimately responsible for utilizing the resources made available.  It is also helpful to note that the All-Fraternity and Sorority grade point average is higher than the All-Student grade point average at Baldwin Wallace University.

How does a student go about joining a Fraternity or Sorority?

The Colliegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC - the governing body for the sororities) and the Interfraternity Council (IFC - the governing body for the fraternities) sponsor a formal recruitment process to provide opportunities for interested students to learn about BW's Fraternities and Sororities.   Each sorority and fraternity has its own unique programs and strengths, yet all are based on the development of character, leadership, friendship, community service, and scholarship.  Just like researching and choosing a college, each student should seek out the fraternity or sorority that best fits his/her own personality, needs, and desires.  The first opportunity for new students to join a fraternal organization is in the early fall semester.  Additional information may be obtained by calling the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at 440-826-2356.

What are the costs involved in membership?

There will be new member's dues and an initiation fee in the first semester (which include the cost of the badge or pin), and then manageable dues throughout active membership.  Most groups have similar costs.  For example, the average women's costs are $195 for new member fees (one time charge), $85 for initiation fees (one time charge), and $240 for dues each semester. For men, the average cost of dues per semester for a new member is $280.00, and the average cost for an active, initiated member is $295.00. All chapters do offer payment plans to help pay for all costs.

What is my role as a parent?

Be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking questions of your student as he or she meets people through the recruitment process.  Fraternity and sorority members will be more than happy to tell him or her (and you!) about their chapter.

What about hazing?

Hazing is absolutely not tolerated, condoned, or accepted in the Baldwin Wallace Fraternity and Sorority Community.  University policies are very specific in prohibiting activities that could lead to such events.  The national policies of each group on campus are also very specific in prohibiting hazing, and the University supports them by enforcing all pertinent policies and laws.

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