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Director Position Applications

You must meet the following minimum qualification for each position in order to be eligible for a position as an Director for IFC.  All Directors are required to have a minimum Grade Point Average of a 2.50.  Please click Directors Responsibilities for details and requirements of each position.

Completed applications are due by February 23, 2015!  Please submit the application online.  If you have any questions please contact Danielle Porter at, Nathan Cole at, or Marc West at

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2. What qualifies you to hold a IFC Director position? : *
3. What are your goals for this postion? *
4. What is the role of IFC and how will you affect this role.: *
5. What contribution and or impact have you had on the Fraternity Community since joining your organization? *
How many credits hours are you taking for Spring/Fall 2015? *
By checking the box , I give permision for the Office of Greek Life to erify my GPA for eligibility to serve as an IFC Director position:    
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