Student Activities


Media Organizations

Baldwin Wallace Television Station (BW TV)

Station Manager: Tatijana Rodriguez (
Advisor: Joe Tarantowski (
BW TV strives to provide student participants with knowledge, experience, and networking in the field of broadcasting.

The Exponent

Student Editor-in-Cheif: Sydney Stone (
Advisor: Gerrie Paino (
The Exponent (open to anyone interested) works to keep BW up-to-date with campus, local, state, national and international news and happenings accomplished through the printing of a bi-weekly newspaper.  Follow them on twitter at, visit their new website at and connect with them via email at

Grindstone Yearbook

Student Editor-in-Chief: Layne Mikanik (
Interim Advisor: Emily Terrell (
The Grindstone Yearbook compiles a variety of photographs and articles throughout the academic year to fully represent life at Baldwin Wallace University.  For more information contact

The Mill

Student Editor: Nicole Campeotto (
Advisor: Dr. Sharon Kubasak (
The Mill, BW's annual literary and art magazine, aims to showcase the creativity of the entire student body by accepting submissions of poetry, short stories, novel and drama excerpts, creative non-fiction, art work and photography (guidelines for submissions are available each fall).  Call (440)826-2199 for more information.

WBWC 88.3 FM

Advisor: Joe Tarantowski (
WBWC-FM is the student-operated, non-commercial music, educational broadcast facility of BW that provides public service and entertaining programming for student and community listeners of all ages, interests and musical tastes, reaching seven counties in Ohio.  Call (440)826-2145 for more information or (440)826-2187 to request your favorite song.  For more information contact and visit their web site at

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