Executive Producer Application

Please print out this page, put your personal information on it and then respond to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Use campus mail and send it to Joe Tarantowski in Math Computer Science. Or, you can copy/paste the text into an e-mail or word processing program and submit it electronically to   





Expected Graduation Date:


Minor, if any:

Qualification Information

1.  What experience(s) do you have that you can use in this position? What other college courses or co-curricular activities will be an asset to you as the Executive Producer?

2. In what areas do you think you will be most challenged in this BWTV position?

3. What Baldwin Wallace University courses have prepared you best for this position with BWTV? Describe specific ways you think they will be helpful to you.

4.  Why should you be selected as the BWTV Executive Producer?

Show Information

5. Please outline the kind of programming you would like to see airing on BWTV. Describe in detail the type of program you would envision producing, include information such as genre, frequency, staffing needs, etc.  In other words, provide a basic overview of a finished show, from start to finish.

6.  How will you organize and motivate crew and producers to produce quality programming on a consistent basis?

7.  Explain your vision for the future of BWTV in the year to come as you lead the station and its staff in the pursuit of excellence.

8.  Share your ideas for BWTV as a sustaining resource to the Communication Department, Baldwin Wallace University and the Berea community



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