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2013-14 CEP Staff with April Reign Comedy Club
comedians Greg Proops and Jeff Davis from Whose Line Is It Anyway?
(April 11, 2014)

Contact us at:

Campus Entertainment Productions

c/o Student Life Center

275 Eastland Road

Berea, OH 44017

(440) 826-2457


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Campus Entertainment Productions

CEP is a student organization serving as BW's entertainment network. Facilitating major events on campus for the entire BW community. Providing entertainment for Weekend of Welcome, concert events, and hilarious comedy acts. CEP frequently brings a variety of novelty acts, bands, and other events accommodating the interest of all BW students. Come visit us! We're located in the lower-level of the Union and hope to see you at our next CEP event!

CEP congratulates and wishes all the best to our May 2014 graduating seniors:

* Nicole Venen
       - Member 2010-2014
       - President 2013-2014

* Taylor Daubenmire
        - Member 2011-2014
        - Vice President of Communications 2013-2014

* Mary Jo Morgan
          - Member 2012-2014


Fall 2014 Events:

TBD - Check back soon for more information!


2014-15 Members: 

Stephanie Kanetsky, President
Madeline Southall, Vice President of Communications
Tyler Lee, Vice President of Finance
David Brubaker, Event Planner
Michael Ellis, Event Planner
Thomas Elton, Event Planner
Rachel Petro, Event Planner
Lindsey Poyar, Event Planner
Matt Garvin, Co-Advisor
Jaime Yager, Co-Advisor


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