Center for Alcohol and Related Issues Education



BWise Presents...

Below is a list of presentations BWise offers in residence halls and at campus events.  Contact Katie Pochervina at  for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Playing the Game

Video presentation and discussion on the topic of date rape (requires both male and female audience)

Sex & Chocolate interactive presentation that discusses the stereotypes between males and females, and gives students freedom to ask questions about the opposite sex in a non-threatening manner
Health Jeopardy DVD presentation that covers a variety of health related topics
Tobacco Jeopardy DVD program that asks questions about tobacco in a variety of areas including entertainment, history, and statistics
Prescription Drug Use/Abuse A program detailing the most commonly abused prescribed medications, effects and dangers of misuse and combining medications
General Jeopardy A variety of of questions covering the topics of alcohol, sex and wellness
Alcohol Poisoning DVD program used to reinforce the dangers of excessive drinking  and exercises to facilitate discussion
Hall Olympics Variety of events for teams to compete in to win prizes (includes condom races, beer goggle obstacle, and trivia questions)
Stress-Free Me! Teaches tips on how to reduce and avoid negative stressors while having fun
Wii: BWise style Test your Wii skills with a few twists thrown in by BWise


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