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Certified Peer Educator Training Application

The Certified Peer Educator (CPE) Training helps peer educators develop leadership skills to be able to successfully develop and implement campus programs. In 2000, an assessment survey was conducted by an independent evaluator of 407 CPE students from across the country. The assessment collected baseline data from a pre-test and compared the results with data collected immediately after the training and again four months after the training. The data analysis revealed that

CPE training produced:
Increased knowledge, comfort and skills in peer education
Increased activity levels among veteran and new peer educators
Emergence of new, active peer educators

What Is CPE?
A comprehensive, 12-hour foundation training suitable for any health and safety focused collegiate peer education group. The training concentrates on the skills needed by all peer educators to:

  • understand the basics of prevention regardless of a particular health specialty
  • become a caring helper to others
  • provide awareness on health and safety risks
  • make referrals of students at risk to professionals
  • conduct educational programs and events
  • increase their leadership abilities
  • increase awareness of personal wellness
  • teach team building 

At Baldwin Wallace University, many organizations require CPE Training for membership (i.e. New Student Orientation program; Mid-Night Madness and Rho Gamma to name a few). 

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