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Dog Days 

BWise sponsors this event annually (weather permitting) for students who might be feeling stressed and missing their pets.  It is an engaging community experience in which faculty and staff share their furry family members with students. Casual conversation and the unconditional love of pets replace the day-to-day business of college life. 


Our mission is to raise awareness in the Baldwin Wallace community on issues related to alcohol and drug use, sex, and other wellness topics.

Certified Peer Educators are trained through a comprehensive, intensive twelve-hour course designed to empower members to educate the Yellow Jacket community in making healthy lifestyle choices. 

BWise sponsors a number of educational and social events on campus throughout the academic year including Alcohol Awareness Days, Sexual Responsibilities Week, BWise Goes Greek! and Dog Day just to name a few.  Members are involved in the development and presentation of wellness topics in University 101 classes, residence halls, and Greek organizations. Information is delivered in a fun, interactive style that is aimed at maximizing awareness and personal safety.

BWise Leadership Team

Julie Chambers, Student Director
Julie is a senior from Bowling Green, Ohio. She is a Communication Studies major with a Psychology minor who hopes to eventually work in non-profit community relations.  She is also a member of Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Mu sorority.

Katherine Alloway, Secretary
Katherine is from Lorain, Ohio and is sophomore majoring in History.  In her free time, she likes reading and making lists!

Alisa Cubbison, Treasurer
Alisa is a senior from Walton Hills, Ohio.  She majors in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice and hopes to work in law enforcement.  She is a member of the Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Mu.  In her free time she likes to relax and let out her inner child!

Catharine Pochervina, PR/Motivator
Katie is from Wickliffe, Ohio and is a sophomore undecided major.  In her free time, Katie loves to listen to music and play with her puppies.

Theresa Novak, Advisor
Theresa is Assistant Director in Counseling Services/Director of Prevention and Outreach Services Counseling Services and also serves the University as Program Coordinator for the CARE Office, which oversees BWise and HPGB.

Megan MacGregor, Graduate Advisor
Megan is a 2nd year graduate student in BW's Leadership in Higher Education program.  She received her Bachelor's degree from Ashland University in 2010 in Therapuetic Recreation.  Her desire to be in a helping profession and assisting others toward wellness lead her to her current internship experience with CARE/MNM. She serves as the graduate intern for CARE/MNM. 

For More Information...

If you are interested in becoming a member of BWise or having us assist in your programming needs, please contact Megan MacGregor or Julie Chambers.


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