Student-Athlete Services


Student-Athlete Services Overview

Student-Athlete Services (SAS) at Baldwin Wallace University is a nationally-respected NCAA Division III program for the depth and breadth of programming and support offered. SAS is an incredible asset to our student-athletes, exemplifying BW's drive toward providing them with the most well-rounded college experience possible. SAS enables student-athletes to enhance their personal development, academic and career success and community service endeavors while at BW and beyond graduation.

Student-Athlete Services includes the following programs and leadership opportunities:

NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Program "provides life skills support in the areas of academics, athletics, personal development, career development and service through the distribution of accessible resources, strategic partnerships and customized programming. Student-Athlete Affairs programs, resources and events are designed to promote the well-being and development of student-athletes."

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a group of members of all 21 athletics teams that meets regularly to discuss NCAA and OAC rules/regulations, unity and social programming, athletic event promotion, community service, leadership opportunities and many other key topics.

Student-Athlete Services Undergraduate Intern program provides the opportunity for one BW student each year to gain experience in college sport marketing and promotion, event planning, and programming while working with our staff.

All Student-Athlete Programs are an opportunity for all Baldwin Wallace University student-athletes, coaches and Athletic administration to come together and learn information valuable to their success in collegiate athletics.  There are two such programs per academic year - the first takes place the Sunday before classes start in the fall and the second takes place at the beginning of the spring semester. 

Student-Athlete Development Workshops are held once per month on a designated Tuesday or Thursday during Community Hour (Noon-1pm).  Each workshop focuses on a different topic that is relevant to student-athletes.  Past workshop topics have included positive sleep habits, nutrition, resume development & interview skills, mental toughness and study skills.  Though SA Development Workshops are not mandatory, attendance is highly encouraged.

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