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Fall 2004 Course Schedule - International Studies

 !* INT-100I-S01 Intro Interntnl Studies 3 1:00PM-2:15PM TTH MC 200 J. Krutky
Core Academic Skill: Problem Solving
Core Academic Skill: Social Interaction
This course studies how individuals acquire their cultural, national and state identifications and how such identifications complicate coping with global challenges arising from interdependence. Through case studies and simulations, students adopt different perspectives and experience resulting cooperation or conflict. Students will have the option to use Spanish, French or Italian reading skills and/or to write selected assignments in those languages. Counts for BW core international studies and/or social science requirements. Freshman & Sophomores only.

! HON-263I-S01  Sem: US-Mexico Relns NAFTA  4  2:55-4:35PM  TTH
KAMM 214  Krutky/Pisnar-Sweeney 
Core Academic Skill: Writing
Core Academic Skill: Ethical Impact
A comparative study of the development of the political, economic and social environments of business and labor relations in the U.S. and Mexico with special attention given to the growing interconnections between the two societies. The course will focus on U.S.-Mexican relations since the beginning of NAFTA as a case study. Students will then apply this comparative framework to analyze the implications for other Latin American countries as they consider membership in an expanded free trade area. This course fulfills the requirement for the IS capstone seminar or an IS upper division elective.

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