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2005 Summer Course Schedule - Psychology

Day Division - Minimester A
PSY-279-A01 Elem of Statistics  4  8:00AM-11:20AM  TTH MC 222
C. Levin
Preq:PSY-100 or PSY-110
Evening Division - Minimester A
!* PSY-110-AE1 Prin of Psychology  4  6:15PM-8:15PM  MW  MC 210
B. Chinai
Core Academic Skill: Problem Solving
Core Academic Skill: Social Interaction
PSY-302-AE1 Abnormal Psychology  4  6:15PM-10:00PM  W  MC 214
M. Dwyer
Core Academic Skill: Writing
Core Academic Skill: Research
Preq: PSY 100 & PSY 304, or PSY 110 (PSY 304) recommended.

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