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Spring 2005 Day Course Schedule - Honors

HON-200-S01 Search for Meaning 4 1:00PM-3:00PM TTH MART 316 Levin/ Gordon
Open only to Honors program students who have taken HON 100. It is the intent of this course to tackle the question of meaning through the use of film and readings in Religion, Philosophy and Literature. The topics of consciousness, death, evil, gender and sexuality, friendship, family, and community will be explored as they relate to the question of meaning.

* ECN-101H-S04 Principles of Econ I - Honors 4 10:40-11:45AM MWF KAMM 205 L. Sage

! REL-293H-S01 Jesus in History & Faith 4 9:20-10:25AM MWF MART 316 R. Fowler
Core Academic Skill: Writing
NOT OPEN TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN EITHER REL 203 JESUS AND THE GOSPELS OR REL 243 JESUS AND THE GOSPELS. This course is open to all students of sophomore status who attained a GPA of 3.5 or higher at the time of registration and present a letter noting same from the Honors Chair. This course is also open to students formally accepted into the honors program who are at least of sophomore status. This course will examine the historical Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus as the object of early Christian faith and
devotion. We will read and discuss several recent scholarly treatments of the Jesus of history and the Christ of Christian faith. Students will do research projects on a gospel of their choice, and will share their research orally and in writing.


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